Why Using a Mobile Money Transfer App is the Future of Global Remittance

As we enter a new decade, the era of doing your international money transfers in-person is all but over. The FinTech space is booming and we’re benefitting from the convenience and speed offered by the tech solutions available to us. The future of global remittance is already here. Have you tried sending money abroad using a mobile money transfer app? We look at the emergence of these remittance apps and the key benefits in this blog.

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What is a mobile money transfer app?

The global remittance sector is evolving fast due to the impact of new technologies. There is a range of FinTech companies, many based in the UK, helping to change the way individuals and businesses pay for goods and services and transfer money abroad.

A number of money transfer services now provide users with digital platforms and apps to make international transfers, quickly and securely. Using a mobile money transfer app enables people with family and friends abroad to enjoy an easier way to send money overseas, without needing to use banks or arrange transactions in-person.

How to send money abroad using a mobile money transfer app

Money transfer apps, like TalkRemit, make global remittance a sinch! Fast, flexible and convenient – it’s the hassle-free solution to your money transfer needs. Sending money abroad using a mobile money transfer app is super-simple and takes no time at all.

Once you’ve downloaded your money transfer app, you’ll need to create an account. And you can even add your card details to a secure mobile wallet. Then, whenever you want to send money abroad, you just need to:

  • Select the country that you’re sending money to
  • Choose the amount you want to transfer
  • Pick your preferred payment method
  • Enter your recipient details and complete the transaction

eWallets make the money transfer process even simpler, plus you can safely save recipient details to the application so that repeat transfers can be done almost instantaneously.

What are the benefits of using a remittance app?


Here are the main benefits of using a mobile money transfer app:

  • Speed – get instant, real-time quotes and send money in seconds
  • Reliability – no frustrating delays and full transparency over transfers
  • Convenience – send money when and from wherever suits you most
  • Security – money transfer apps use powerful payment protection tools
  • eWallet – use a mobile wallet to save time and add another layer of security
  • Flexibility – send money via debit card, credit card, bank transfer or mobile wallet
  • Cost – enjoy lower fees than traditional remittance methods

Choosing a mobile money transfer service you can trust 


At TalkRemit, we’re committed to keeping our users’ money and personal details secure and making members feel reassured. That’s why we only deal with trusted remittance partners and we offer a 100% money-back guarantee to give you peace of mind.

Why not give TalkRemit a try?

TalkRemit is the trusted money transfer service for the diaspora community across the globe. Built by the people, for the people. We are a fully-licensed electronic money institution (EMI), regulated by the FCA. Our mobile money transfer app is currently available to users in the UK, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Bulgaria, France, Finland, Croatia, Austria, Greece, Portugal, Malta and Cyprus.

Why not download the TalkRemit app today and see what you’re missing? We offer all of the benefits mentioned above, and we offer the lowest remittance fees on the market. Plus, your first 3 transfers are fee-free with TalkRemit, just use the promo code 3FREE on each occasion!

If you’d like to learn more about our mobile money transfer app, head to our homepage. If you have any queries, check out our handy FAQs or contact our friendly Customer Service Team today. And you can see a list of all the receiver countries available with TalkRemit here.