What is the Cheapest Way to Send Money Abroad?

In our digital era, where FinTech innovation has enabled instant payments and mobile banking, the remittance industry has evolved a lot in recent few years. It is now a lot easier and quicker to transfer money to loved ones abroad. There is more choice, flexibility, and it’s cheaper too. Discover the cheapest way to send money abroad in this blog.

Cheapest Way To Send Money Abroad Scaled

An online money transfer service to save you time and money

Thankfully, online money transfer services have made global remittance much more efficient and convenient, saving people time that they would have previously spent queuing up at banks and high street remittance agents to send money to family abroad.

You can now use a mobile app to transfer money overseas, making frustrating delays a thing of the past and offering users a faster and cheaper option than traditional remittance services.

With today’s money transfer apps, users no longer have to incur the hefty charges and fees that they did when using traditional methods of sending money abroad. Innovation has led to a more interconnected world, and this has been realised in the global remittance industry.

The lowest remittance fees on the market

Online remittance providers and money transfer apps charge different fees for sending money overseas, and although less costly than traditional methods, some are cheaper than others.

Lowest Remittance Fees on the Market

TalkRemit is committed to keeping money transfer fees low and we now offer the lowest remittance fees on the market, making our service the cheapest way to send money abroad. Head to our homepage and see for yourself!

Competitive exchange rates for international money transfers

TalkRemit’s mission is to be the hassle-free money transfer service for the global diaspora community. And that includes making online remittance fast, flexible, convenient and low-cost.

Not only are our transfer fees the lowest you can find on the market, but we are also dedicated to getting users the most competitive exchange rates on transfers, whatever the country or currency. It the cheapest way to send money abroad to family and friends.

Cheapest way to send money overseas | competitive exchange rates

Our Quick Quote feature gives you an instant calculation of the money recipients will receive, once you’ve chosen the amount of money in your own currency that you’re looking to send to loved ones abroad.

A transparent money transfer service with no hidden fees

There are no hidden fees with TalkRemit. You can see the amount you’re going to send, the transfer fee and the payout amount for recipients in their home currency in our handy transfer summary, which gives you a clear breakdown of proposed transfers before you make a transaction.

Cheapest way to send money abroad | easy money transfer process

Our platform and mobile app are fully transparent and easy to use. You get automatic receipts and you can track your money transfers via the app.

For added peace of mind, we also offer users a money-back guarantee on all money transfers.

TalkRemit: The cheapest way to send money abroad

If you’re looking for a money transfer service that ticks all the boxes and also offers low transfer fees, TalkRemit is your trusted remittance solution. Fast, flexible and low-cost money transfers. Not only is using TalkRemit the cheapest way to send money abroad, but we also have an eWallet to securely store payment details and instant chat capabilities – all in one app!

Don’t just take our word for it, download the app or register online for free and see for yourself how easy TalkRemit is to use.

TalkRemit is a fully-licensed Electronic Money Institution (EMI), regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). If you have any questions, head to our FAQ page or contact our friendly Customer Service Team. If you’d like to know which countries you can send money to online via our global remittance platform and money transfer app, check out our list of available receiving countries.