5 Great Reasons to Use a Mobile App to Send Money to Asia

As the popularity of mobile banking increases and people become more comfortable managing their finances via their smartphone, it’s only natural that remittance is moving to mobile. If you regularly transfer money to Asia, have you considered using a money transfer app? We explore the benefits and 5 great reasons to use a mobile app to send money to Asia.

Send Money To Asia Using A Mobile Remittance App Talkremit Scaled

TalkRemit is now available in more Asian countries

Before we look at the benefits of using a mobile app to send money to Asia, we’d just like to let readers know that we’ve recently added more Asian countries into our receiver country list, including India, Pakistan, Nepal and the Philippines. Check our website regularly, as we are adding new countries all the time…

Top reasons to use a remittance app to send money to Asia

1) Save time on your money transfers to Asia

Probably the biggest reason to use a mobile app for sending money to Asia is the time-saving benefits. These days, most people don’t want to have to go in-person to banks or remittance agents to transfer money abroad – especially not during this pandemic and with lockdown measures across the globe.  

The traditional transfer process is outdated – the digital age demands a fast solution for sending money, as well as spending money! Online remittance has become huge in recent years, and now mobile remittance is emerging as the go-to solution.

Even established money wire branches and brands, such as Western Union and MoneyGram have developed mobile apps to join the revolution.

2) The hassle-free remittance solution for the modern age

If speed is in demand when it comes to sending money abroad, then reliability, security and ease of use are vital too. If mobile apps are to be widely adopted by the diaspora community for money transfers, then people want to be comfortable with using apps.

So, finding a user-friendly remittance app that makes it simple, for people of all ages, to send money to Asia is important. In the same way that innovative software companies have created apps to let you manage your bank accounts and make purchases with ease, there are now some great money transfer apps out there!

What things make a good money transfer app? Here are a few things we might look for:

  • Fast log-in, using a 4-digit pin (no lengthy usernames and passwords) 
  • As few steps a possible to send money abroad
  • Good usability 
  • Flexible options to fund transfers
  • The ability to safely store recipient details for repeat transfers
  • A mobile wallet feature
  • Visibility over transaction progress and history

3) Create a secure mobile wallet

Do you use a mobile wallet (or eWallet) to pay for things online? It’s fairly common now for people to store their bank details in mobile wallets for a quick and secure way to make payments. And most remittance apps enable you to use a mobile wallet for making transfers.

So, if you’re looking for a super-fast way to send money to Asia, using a mobile wallet via a money transfer app is the ideal solution.

4) Manage your finances with ease and track your transfers

Are you used to mobile banking? Checking your balance, monitoring your spending and checking recent transactions – these are things we come to expect from our banking apps. The same goes for remittance. Money transfer apps, like TalkRemit, allow you to quickly and easily:

  • View the current rates – get instant transfer quotes
  • Select payment and payout method
  • Top up and use your mobile wallet
  • Get notifications and receipts
  • Track your money transfers

Once you start using a money transfer app to send money to Asia, you won’t look back! Other methods of remittance will suddenly feel slow and frustrating. Plus, sending money via your mobile from the comfort of your home is the best way to transfer money abroad during the Covid-19 pandemic.

5) Enjoy great cost savings on your money transfers to Asia

Another reason why so many people are turning their backs on more traditional methods of remittance is due to the costs. We no longer want to pay hefty fees to send money abroad, right? Cross-border payments and global remittance should not only be quick and easy in today’s interconnected age, but it should also be cheap too!

Most money transfer apps charge far less than banks and remittance agents, and this is important if you send money to Asia regularly. You don’t want excessive fees to eat into your funds, as it’s not easy to support yourself and your family abroad.

TalkRemit actually offers the lowest fees on global money transfers. We want to make sending money abroad to be affordable and hassle-free.

Send money to Asia with TalkRemit’s app

Well, we’ve given you lots of great reasons to start using a mobile app to send money to Asia. Remittance apps are typically fast, flexible, easy to use, secure and affordable. So, if you want to make the move to mobile, we’d love you to give our trusted money transfer app a try!

As we mentioned, we’ve recently launched various new receiver countries in Asia – take a look at our list of the destinations available with TalkRemit.

Download the TalkRemit app today, via App Store or Google Play, by clicking on the app download buttons below.