How to Transfer Money Online in Minutes to Family Abroad

Global remittance plays a key role in the lives of a large proportion of the diaspora community across the world. People have been sending money to family in different countries for years, but recent digital innovations are transforming the industry. FinTech solutions have emerged to make the process of sending money abroad easier, faster and more reliable. We look at how to transfer money online to family abroad in a matter of minutes.

How To Transfer Money Online In Minutes To Family Abroad Scaled

The need for speed in global money transfers

Speed is important when it comes to sending money to family abroad. Supporting loved ones back home is vital for the global diaspora and in today’s digital age, there are various money transfer solutions that are fast, convenient and flexible. In fact, global remittance numbers reached a record high last year.

If your family needs money for domestic purchases, bills and support for children, etc, the faster you can get funds to them the better. In the past, frustrating delays in money arriving with recipients in destination countries was a common complaint. But with innovative online money transfer platforms, these delays can be a thing of the past.

Now, it’s possible to transfer money online in minutes to family members abroad, using online remittance platforms and money transfer apps. 

Make super-fast money transfers online

In many countries, thanks to instant payment capabilities and smart pay solutions for retail and online banking, consumers are able to purchase goods and make payments online and via mobile quickly and conveniently. So, why can’t we do the same when transferring money abroad? 

Well, today there are global remittance solutions that enable users to make super-fast money transfers to countries around the world in just a few clicks, without lengthy delays for recipients.

Money transfer platforms like TalkRemit offer the speed and flexibility to take the hassle out of remittance. You can send money abroad instantly and securely with your credit card, debit card or from a mobile wallet to bank accounts, for cash pick-up or to other mobile wallets.

Using a money transfer app for sending money to family abroad

Everyone’s needs and preferences are different. There are various factors that influence the type of money transfer service you chose, such as the type of work you do, the hours you work or the lifestyle you lead. It may also depend on your recipients’ favoured payout method.

If speed and convenience are priorities, using a mobile app to transfer money abroad might be the best option for you. There are money transfer apps available to the global diaspora community, with different providers serving different destinations.

A money transfer app is a great solution for those who want to send money to family abroad via mobile devices, at home or on the go. With TalkRemit, you can create a mobile wallet and securely store recipient details to make money transfers in just a few taps of your mobile device. We also enable you to send free instant chat messages and make video calls, all from one app!

Finding a hassle-free money transfer service you can trust

Choosing the right money transfer service for your needs is important, especially if you regularly send money abroad. Want to find out how to transfer money online with a global remittance platform that suits you, your recipients and your lifestyle? Compare the benefits of different platforms and consider the factors that most important.  

Here are some key trust factors you should look for from an online money transfer service:

  • Reliability – money delivered when expected, without delays
  • Clear communication and receipts for tracking transactions
  • Security – uses the best possible threat protection and cybersecurity technology 
  • Regulation – is your money transfer provider a fully-verified and regulated EMI (Electronic Money Institution)?
  • No hidden charges – details of transfer fees are outlined before transactions are made
  • Support – a helpful contact centre that’s easy to get assistance from when required
  • Flexibility – a choice of transfer and payout options that suit your requirements
  • Good value – competitive exchange rates and reasonable transfer fees

Choose a money transfer solution that ticks all the boxes. Trust is crucial where financial matters and support for your family back home are concerned. TalkRemit covers all of the above and more. We offer a money-back guarantee for added peace of mind and we only work with trusted partners with a proven track record for providing reliable remittance services. Plus, TalkRemit now offers the lowest money transfer fees on the market. 

How to transfer money online with our hassle-free service

If you’re looking for a trusted money transfer service that offers the speed, convenience and flexibility that you need, why not try our hassle-free platform? The TalkRemit money transfer app is the only app that combines online remittance with free instant chat. Enjoy low fees, a user-friendly interface and the ability to make super-fast money transfers online and via mobile. 

Want to know how TalkRemit works? Check out our homepage and see how easy it is to send money abroad. Why not sign up online today for free or download our money transfer app to get started? Find out how to transfer money online to family abroad in minutes with our hassle-free global remittance solution.