Why TalkRemit is the Best Money Transfer App

People have been sending money abroad for many years, to support family living in different countries. Until fairly recently, the global diaspora community was used to the same old methods of remittance, sending money across borders via banks, cash agents and money wiring services like Western Union. But the remittance market has shifted gears in the last few years, and people are turning to money transfer apps.

We give you five great reasons why TalkRemit is the best money transfer app to use for sending money abroad.

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Instant money transfers

Let’s be honest, when it comes to sending and receiving money, speed is important. Especially if your loved ones abroad need the money for their everyday activities, to support the family or pay bills. The great thing about money transfer apps is that you can send money quickly and easily, in just a few taps of your mobile.

Forget taking trips into the nearest town to queue up at banks or remittance agents, to arrange transactions that could take days. This is no longer an efficient way to send money abroad and it’s unnecessary when you can transfer money online or via your mobile from the comfort of your home or during your lunch break at work. 

Enjoy instant money transfers, rather than putting up with frustrating and lengthy delays. Modern your money transfer process and send money in minutes to loved ones abroad using the best money transfer app around!

Easy to use

Proving users with an app that enables hassle-free money transfers is our mission at TalkRemit. We want the process of sending money abroad to be quick and simple for everyone. That’s why we’ve worked hard to develop and improve our mobile app to be really user-friendly, to make sending international money transfers as easy as possible.

This short video should give you an idea of how easy it is to send money abroad with TalkRemit and why it’s the best money transfer app available:

It’s essentially a three-step process. Once you’ve selected your payout method and receiving country, all you need to do is choose the amount of money you’d like to send, add your recipient details and review and confirm your proposed transaction.

Pay for your money transfer using your credit card, debit card or mobile wallet. It’s as easy as that!

Lowest fees and best value

The best money transfer app is also the best value. TalkRemit offers the lowest fees on the market for global remittance. Banks have historically slapped big fees on transfers abroad. At TalkRemit, we don’t believe in charging users excessive fees for sending money abroad. We live in an interconnected world, where we can get information at the touch of a button, pay for goods and services online in seconds and speak to people on the other side of the world on our phones…for free! So, transferring money to loved ones abroad shouldn’t cost the world. 

We make sure that our users get great value from money transfers to different countries and currencies. We keep our remittance fees low and offer competitive exchange rates. In fact, our members get updates about the best exchange rates to different countries, so that they can send money at the right times. Our dedicated team monitors the market and works hard to get our members the best rates possible.

Trusted, secure, money-back guarantee

Speed, value and ease of use. That’s all great, but how do I know the money transfer service is secure and reliable? Well, with TalkRemit, our app is backed by the experience of an organisation that’s provided remittance services to people for over 40 years. Powered by Dahabshill, our money transfer app is secure, reliable and covered by our 100% money-back guarantee. How is that for peace of mind?

We only work with trusted remittance partners, like Dahabshill and Trustly, to ensure that our customers are protected and can make transactions to countries abroad with confidence. TalkRemit is a fully-licensed electronic money institution (EMI), based in the UK, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Your money is in safe hands with TalkRemit. We use cutting-edge security tools and threat protection technology and we’re compliant with the latest payment data rules and privacy laws.

Summary: Try the best money transfer app today

So, that was our rundown of the benefits of sending money abroad via your mobile and the reasons why TalkRemit is the best money transfer app on the market. Speed, ease of use, security, value and the ability to earn money as well as saving and sending money using our app. What’s not to love?

Why not download the TalkRemit app to get started and see for yourself why it’s the best money transfer app available! 

The app is available via the App Store or Google Play.

TalkRemit is the hassle-free remittance service provider for the diaspora community around the globe. Check out how our app works via our homepage or check which countries you can send money to via our user-friendly remittance app. If you have any questions about our app or remittance services, head to our FAQs or get in touch with our friendly Customer Service Team.